App lets Governor check flood gates when it rains

Able to spot problems in real time from his smartphone.

At GovInsider, we are fascinated by the dashboards used by government officials to keep track of their responsibilities. Surabaya’s Mayor is renowned for using an iPad to check all key city metrics, and CCTV feeds. Jakarta’s Governor is taking a page out of her book, using an app to check CCTV feeds of flood gates when it rains. Speaking at City Hall this week, he said: “It’s very easy. I can monitor [the] water level of any sluices in Jakarta.” There are 23 gates across the city with CCTV cameras, which he can access through the Eagle Eye app. “I just use the free application - as long as the IP address exists it can run well”. CCTVapp Ahok also uses it to check on other CCTV feeds where there are commonly fights between citizens. “We install many CCTVs like in Johar Baru. Using this, we can also see [a] vehicle's plate number in detail,” he said. Currently there are 1,000 CCTV cameras that he can monitor remotely, but the city plans to increase this to 7,000 over the next few years.