Australia’s Digital Chief to share secrets of success in Singapore

Paul Shetler to speak at Innovation Labs World on 27 September.

The Chief Executive of Australia’s Digital Transformation Office will share the secrets of his success with officials from across Asia. On 27th September, Paul Shetler will give a keynote speech in Singapore at Innovation Labs World to share lessons from his world-leading digital service delivery unit. The DTO works with government agencies to develop services that can be rapidly scaled, builds digital expertise across the public sector and creates common platforms to make government more efficient. Most recently, it launched the Digital Marketplace to simplify government procurement from businesses, especially SMEs and startups. Shetler was previously a director at the UK’s Government Digital Service. UK and Australia have been ranked the two best e-governments in the world by the United Nations this year. Attendance to Innovation Labs World is free for all government officials. Please fill in the form below to register for the event. The full agenda for the event is available at [download_form list_id="51f0dc4c2c"] Image from DTO's Twitter