Bandung Mayor plans to score citizens’ behaviour

The public will be evaluated by local leaders.

Bandung will rate citizens based on their behaviour towards their community and city, Mayor Ridwan Kamil announced. The public will be scored based on their involvement in community activities, promptness in paying taxes, and cleanliness of house compounds, he said in a Facebook post. The Mayor hopes that the scheme will lower the likelihood of lurking terrorist groups and drug dens through stronger community ties.
Warga Bandung, mulai tahun ini siap-siap anda akan diberi rapor indeks kemasyarakatan oleh RT/RW setempat. Jika anda... Posted by Ridwan Kamil on Sunday, May 15, 2016
The scheme allows for two-way evaluations in an attempt to prevent bribery. Citizens will be evaluated by their local administrative heads, he said, but they can also submit score ratings on their local leaders through the city’s appraisal website. This portal will be launched next month. Image of Bandung Mayor taken from his facebook