Benchmark your website against the best in Australia

How does your council website compare?

Is your council website the best in Australia? A new study of government websites reveals where Australia councils are performing well, and where they must improve. The research by OpenCities compares every council website in the country on eight criteria: prioritisation of tasks; search experience; content readability; mobile friendliness; page load speed; accessibility; privacy; and search engine optimisation. Where does your council website stand? Get a customised report of your performance on Overall, councils perform well on prioritising frequently used services, search experience, and search engine optimisation. Accessibility and privacy are the biggest areas of concern for council websites. 53% fail to meet 20 or more international web accessibility standards, while nearly 90% lack sufficient data encryption. Download the full national benchmarking report by filling in the form below. [download_form list_id="5c407d3df1"] Image by Michael Coghlan; CC BY-SA 2.0