How can Singapore maintain trust?

By Gemalto

Summit on 12 April will showcase best practices and case studies to protect critical information.

Despite recent high-profile cyber attacks and data breaches, Singapore has maintained a strong foundation of trust in its digital services.

On 12 April, a summit in Singapore will bring together key players in the ecosystem to discuss the future of data and trust. Gemalto Evolution 2018 will look at how building a strong foundation of protecting data can strengthen citizens and business’ trust and help Singapore grow its digital economy.

Trust is critical to Singapore’s Smart Nation vision, according to Dr Janil Puthucheary, Minister-in-charge of GovTech. “If we lose that, everything else is not going to go very well,” he said.

The country has introduced a new cyber security bill to allow the government to investigate security breaches. Critical information infrastructure companies are now required to report data breaches to the government. The companies must also give the government access to their information for threat investigations.

The summit next month is organised by GovInsider, in partnership with Gemalto, a leading digital security and data protection company.

It will be attended by a senior audience from across government, healthcare, banks, water, energy, telecommunications and transport.

The half-day event is free to attend. Please fill in the form below to register your interest, and for further information, email

Image by Marco VerchCC BY 2.0