Case study: Why did this university overhaul its data systems?

Tokyo University of Technology made a full shift to the new environment.

Most universities have had the same faculties for decades. But Tokyo University of Technology (TUT) is constantly adapting its organisational structure. TUT’s mission is to create a cutting-edge environment that helps make life easier both for students and educators. To do this, they implemented a cloud-based system that stores information and data centrally on the university network. The cloud based system stores all of the university’s information in one whole newly created core data base system and will then be accessible to all university members. The cloud based system allows: • University staff and students to share information efficiently • Reduce technology maintenance costs • A flexible system that is easy to expand “From now on, the quantity of internal university data that is processed by any university in the world will continue to grow a fast pace. Given this fact we feel it makes sense to accumulate databases in cloud.” says Professor Kazuya Tago, Head of Media Centre and Professor at the School of Computer Science Download this report to hear more from Microsoft about this success story: