Citizens of Bandung join government to clean up data

Replacing pdf and doc files with formats that are easier to reuse.

52 residents in Bandung, Indonesia spent their Sunday helping the government scrape and clean up its data. During the five hour “scrapathon”, participants were challenged to convert over 1000 government datasets in pdfs, doc and xlsl files into formats that are easier for people to reuse, like csv. Ansari Abdullah, a graduate student in Computer Science, won the race and a IDR 8.5 million prize for cleaning up 52 datasets. Agus Muhammad Ramdan and Dedi Prasetyadi came second and third, and won IDR 7.5 million and IDR 6.5 million. The participants were judged for how many clean, detailed and reusable datasets they were able to produce. All the datasets will be verified by the Bandung government and published online starting from December. The event was organised by the Bandung City Government and Code for Bandung.