CSA Singapore and Huawei will partner to fortify cyberspace and boost cybersecurity awareness

By Huawei

The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore has announced a partnership with Huawei at the Singapore International Cyber Week 2021.

The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) launched its new SG Cyber Safe Partnership Programme on 7 October. Joining the programme as an Advocate, Huawei will collaborate with CSA on a stronger and deeper level to develop programmes and conduct outreach.

“The Government alone cannot reach out to all businesses to encourage them to strengthen their cyber resilience,” said Tan Kiat How, Minister of State for Communications and Information at the Singapore International Cyber Week 2021 event. Private-public collaboration is “key to ensuring that businesses stay cyber-secure,” he added.

Foo Fang Yong, CEO of Huawei International, shared how Huawei will be supporting CSA’s mission of helping businesses and organisations in Singapore strengthen their cybersecurity protections.

Building cyber awareness among citizens

The SG Cyber Safe Partnership Programme connects tech companies with local businesses, organisations and citizens, to raise awareness and build cyber capabilities.

Huawei will work with CSA to organise webinars for local enterprises on common cybersecurity issues. Huawei also plans to provide tools on its cloud platform to support CSA’s programme of improving cyber hygiene across businesses.

Huawei will also publish educational content on its Singapore Facebook and LinkedIn channels to raise cybersecurity awareness across society.

Tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Dell Technologies, will also be partnering with the CSA in this programme. Partners are developing “training content, products and services, or community outreach programmes” to boost the public’s cybersecurity awareness, wrote CSA.

Enhancing the local economy’s cybersecurity

“As more enterprises go digital with increased exposure to cyber threats, organisations must be well-equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to mitigate cyber threats,” said Foo.

Cybersecurity has been a priority for Huawei since as early as 2000. The tech giant spends about 5 per cent of its total research funds in security, and employs more than 3000 staff in cybersecurity R&D.

It has also developed extensive training courses through its Cyber Security and Privacy Protection Knowledge Center. These cover cybersecurity and privacy protection insights, process development, verification and testing, and privacy protection, and have helped more than 200,000 people.

Ransomware and attacks in the supply chain are two examples of cyberthreats facing businesses, Foo highlighted.

“Creating a safe cyberspace and robust digital economy against cyber threats requires collaboration among all players and stakeholders in the community”, he said.

“We look forward to working closely with CSA and playing our part as a responsible and leading technology company,” Foo emphasised. The partnership will equip businesses with “solutions, tools, and knowledge to boost cyber wellness,” he continued.

Governments are looking to tech industries for additional support and expertise to protect their increasingly digital societies. The SG Cyber Safe Partnership Programme sets out Singapore’s plan to secure the country for the future.

Image courtesy of Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW) 2021.