Estonian Prime Minister’s Office to speak in Singapore

Siim Sikkut, Digital Advisor to the Prime Minister, will speak at Innovation Labs World.

The Estonian Prime Minister’s Office will be speaking in Singapore at Innovation Labs World on 27 September, GovInsider has announced. Siim Sikkut, Digital Advisor to the Prime Minister, will be sharing the government’s experience as one of the leading digital nations in the world. “I am looking forward to meeting senior officials from across South East Asia at Innovation Labs World 2016,” Sikkut said. “Estonia has used digital solutions to transform how our government serves its citizens, and I will be sharing our experience and our plans for the future.” The Estonian Government is a leader in digital identity schemes. Its e-residency service allows people to set up new businesses, pay taxes and open bank accounts online. The scheme is open for anyone in the world to apply. Singapore has recently tendered for a digital identity. The ID would secure online transactions across government and private sector, and citizens would be able to carry it in their smartphones. If you would like to hear more about Innovation Labs World, visit our dedicated site, or register your interest in the form below. [download_form list_id="51f0dc4c2c"]