Every Malaysian agency to set cyber security policies

New government security framework announced.

This article has been corrected since publication All ministries and agencies in Malaysia will set up a cyber security policies, the government has said. “Ministries and public sector agencies in Malaysia will be developing Cyber Security Policy in their respective Departments”, says a new cyber security framework published by the government. The departments will lead all activities to secure the government’s digital assets, and ensure that ministries comply with national policies and regulations. Each unit will develop its own cyber security policy based on current regulations, it says. Their performance will be reviewed when changes are made to policies. With the new framework, Malaysia is looking to provide more concerted guidance to agencies on the steps they must to protect against attacks. “Many circulars and instructions regarding cyber security have issued since 2000”, the document says, but these separate efforts have complicated the system further. The framework is jointly issued by the Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit, Office of the Chief Security Officer, CyberSecurity Malaysia and MIMOS. Correction: Due to a translation error, this article initially said that each agency would set up a Cyber Security Department. We apologise for the error. Image by Indra Gunawan, licensed under CC BY 2.0