Exclusive: Thailand plans government digital service revamp

Government looks to consolidate access to services across agencies.

Thailand will overhaul digital services across government over the next three years. The government is looking to bring services from across the government onto a single portal, and has just launched its first version - govchannel.go.th. “In three years, people need not go through several agencies for one transaction,” Dr Sak Segkhoonthod, CEO of the E-Government Agency told GovInsider. “They would have one window to talk to the government.” The E-Government Agency is leading on the project, and has come with a Digital Government Masterplan. “The plan would give what kind of capabilities the government should have in three years,” Dr Segkhoonthod said. While the first step has been to create the website, the next will be to integrate all of the agencies in the backend. “We want to make sure all the agencies are connected in order to provide services to citizens in one stop,” he said. Over the next three years, the government will focus on improve services in 18 areas, including public safety, tax, agriculture, investment, SMEs, citizen feedback, tourism, social services and trade. The E-Government Agency is working with the Office of Public Sector Development Commission, Budget Bureau and Electronic Transaction Development Agency to implement the plan by 2018. Elsewhere in the region, Malaysia has started a similar overhaul of online government services, with a new single website being built. The first set of services on the portal will be for business registration and licences. A separate digital unit will be set up to work on the new portal.