Exclusive: Thailand to launch big data pilots this year

Agriculture and transport to see first projects.

Thailand is launching a new project so that agencies use big data analytics to plan and deliver services. The “Big Data as a Service” project will be launched this year, Dr Sak Segkhoonthod, Chief Executive of Thailand’s E-Government Agency told GovInsider. The first pilots will be in agriculture and transport. “The Ministry of Agriculture wants data to help them provide solutions to farmers,” he said. Data could help the ministry advice farmers on what types of crops they should harvest to ensure food prices remain stable. Another pilot is by the Department of Highways, which will monitor roads across the country to predict traffic. The value of data for Thai agencies is that they can make decisions backed up by data. “If the Department of Highway understands the traffic problem and is monitoring the roads, then when they plan to build more roads, they will have data to support the decision,” Segkhoonthod said. The E-Government Agency will provide cloud-based analytics tools to agencies, which can then do their own analysis of their data. See also: Thailand’s digital government priorities Image by Jo., licensed under CC BY 2.0