Fake immigration website targets Singapore visitors

Phishing for passport and visa numbers.

A website fronting as a Singapore government portal is phishing for visitors’ visa application and passport numbers, it has emerged. The website asked visitors to fill in their visa application and passport numbers to verify their visa’s authenticity. On top it had what appears to be the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority’s (ICA) logo. The ICA yesterday issued a warning that “there is a fake Immigration & Checkpoints (ICA) website”. It assured that “no data has been compromised”. fake immigration website A police report has been filed and the website is no longer accessible through the URL www.immisg-mom.in. “We will work to bring down the website and will continue to monitor them,” ICA said. It advised people to use only its official website - www.ica.gov.sg - for all ICA information and transactions. This is the second fake ICA website that has emerged this month. Earlier, the agency warned of a hoax website which closely resembled the agency’s own online visa application service. Image by John Barker, licensed under CC BY 2.0