Five steps for cities to boost tourism

By Esri

Build a smart strategy for your community to become prosperous.

Will there be a lull in visitors from a country? Or are businesses in one district struggling?

Cities can draw tourists, boost local businesses and attract investment by using a location-based approach to understand economic and social trends.

A whitepaper by Esri shows five steps communities can take to become prosperous:
  1. Set clear priorities to get early wins
  2. Appoint an executive champion with a strong team to understand community challenges
  3. Gather data to drive initiatives and convert them into live feeds providing local intelligence
  4. Pinpoint gaps and weaknesses, using data to identify obstacles to progress
  5. Build maps and apps to give people insight, track progress and drive collaboration
A location-based approach can help communities and cities reveal the most pressing issues and opens up more information to people.

To find out how your city or community can boost its economy, download the full whitepaper below.

Image by Dennis JarvisCC BY 2.0