Five steps South Australia used to overhaul digital services

How a state department has made its websites more user-friendly.

A department in South Australia used five steps to overhaul their digital services, a new report has found. A case study by OpenCities shows how the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources made its websites more user-friendly. Its old website was inconvenient for people to use, the report states. With over 3,000 different pages, it was difficult to navigate and didn’t cater to users’ needs. Here are five steps it used to change this:
  • Design the user interface around users’ requirements
  • Launch different websites to cater to unique audiences
  • Make it easier to share content across these websites
  • Sync up websites with internally stored files and records
  • Cut reliance on external agencies to get more control of websites
Download the full report now to hear more from OpenCities on how the department improved its digital services. [download_form list_id="ffbc049e32"]