Four steps to a 21st century citizen experience strategy

How officials can meet changing needs of citizens.

Every person has a unique need and expectation from public services. How can government meet these differentiated needs and deliver a good citizen experience? A report by Fuji Xerox and GovInsider shows four ways in which agencies can deliver services that meets citizens’ needs.
  • Citizens should have the power to choose how they prefer to interact with their government - whether digital or paper
  • Agencies have to be agile, keeping up with changing citizen needs and technologies
  • Systems must be nimble enough to bring government to the next stage of change
  • A multi-channel strategy needs to be adopted
Public services and customer experiences must be designed with the end in mind - what does the user want from the transaction? If you would like to know more about transforming the citizen experience, download the full report below. [download_form list_id="ef8ca8f111"]