Four steps to keep citizen data safe

Sensors, communications and devices are key areas to look at.

Governments have to aim for zero breaches - because even one weakness could do too much damage to repair. A report by Check Point and GovInsider advises officials to take four steps to secure government and citizen data. Officials must first protect their smartphones and tablets as these could be used to enter government networks through WiFi. Emails are another entry point for hackers. Typical virus scanning software may not be smart enough to detect malware quickly. Agencies must also be able to detect and take down more sophisticated malware. New variants are capable of mutating to go undetected by traditional anti-virus software. Advanced sandboxing techniques can help detect them early. Finally, the Internet of Things is a growing area. Many everyday objects which are now being connected together were not designed to deal with data. Cloud technologies can provide a solution to this challenge. If you would like to know more about about how to tackle these challenges, download the full report below. Image licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0