Global sustainability project to help city mayors

Projects to cut across urban planning, water, energy and transport.

The World Bank has launched a new programme to help city mayors manage complex issues, like climate change, that cut across agencies. The Global Platform for Sustainable Cities is looking to help city leaders make better decisions to manage water, energy and transport. It will help Mayors use evidence-based approaches to urban planning, like maps, and set up urban sustainability indicators to measure their progress. It will work directly with 23 cities on projects in urban planning, financing and implementation. More broadly, it will share data, ideas and solutions developed during the programme with a wider network of cities. The programme is part of a $150 million fund, with participating cities getting access to studies, workshops and data. The project will run in 11 countries, including Vietnam, Malaysia, India, China, South Africa, Brazil, Cote D’Ivoire, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Senegal.