Going green: Singapore unveils three new energy plans

Focus on electric cars, industrial energy and waste management.

Singapore has announced three new energy plans, utilising technology to raise energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and broaden energy options. The plans were unveiled by the National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) and the National Research Foundation (NRF), and will be jointly worked on with three other public agencies. “New technology that can improve energy efficiency and decrease our dependence on fossil fuels is... a critical area that the government is looking at”, said Tang Tuck Weng, Senior Director of NCCS. The Land Transport Authority will explore the potential of electric vehicles, charging station standards and costs. The vehicles include private cars, taxis, buses, freight transport and motorcycles and scooters. The National Environment Agency (NEA) and the Economic Development Board will work on reducing energy usage in industries such as petrochemicals, petroleum, semiconductors and pharmaceuticals. NEA will also look into more efficient solid waste management practices. It hopes to increase recycling rates and reduce waste generated.