GovInsider to launch a Special Report on Digital Public Infrastructure

By Yogesh Hirdaramani

As digital public infrastructure becomes key to conversations around digital governance and inclusion, GovInsider will be releasing a series of stories featuring interviews with practitioners and thought leaders.

GovInsider's inaugural Special Report will focus on Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI), an emerging concept touted to be the future of digital transformation globally. Image: GovInsider

For the automobile industry to flourish, governments had to build roads, traffic lights, and highways – critical public infrastructure we can’t imagine life without. Today, digital government services as well as businesses – from digitally enabled MSMEs to the next tech unicorn – depend on foundational building blocks like digital identity, digital payments, and data exchange systems to flourish.


That is why in 2023, the G20 Digital Economy Ministers under India’s presidency identified digital public infrastructure (DPI) as a critical enabler of the Sustainable Development Goals and whole-of-society digital transformation. Though it is an evolving concept, the term generally refers to a combination of networked open technologies built for public interest that will accelerate digital economy and digital society goals, with trust, accessibility and governance underlining these technologies.


Since then, the G20 India Presidency has launched products such as the DPI SDG Compendium, which demonstrates how DPI can accelerate all 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), the DPI Playbook, which guides countries on building inclusive DPI, and a Global Digital Public Infrastructure Repository, which houses resources for key lessons from various DPI projects around the world.


To complement these efforts, GovInsider will be releasing a special report featuring interviews and case studies from leading governments and non-profit organisations on their approach to digital infrastructures to inform the implementation of digital public infrastructures both in ASEAN and beyond in March 2024.


These case studies will showcase:

  • the development journey of various DPI across the world
  • the different priorities governments take when developing DPI
  • how DPI is already creating outsized opportunities for the public good
  • what’s next for DPI globally

DPI projects and initiatives will become a key driver of digital transformation globally and will be a critical platform through which public administrations create value and opportunities for people everywhere. As such, following the launch of the special report, GovInsider will continue to spotlight innovative DPI projects from around the world and invite contributions from digital government leaders to speak with us. Keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming soon, and reach out to us if you would like to contribute your expertise or commentary on this topic.


GovInsider Special Reports aim to provide in-depth coverage of key issues of the day in public sector innovation on topics such as AI in government, smart cities, and cybersecurity. ​We hope to inform, inspire and connect those who wish to collaborate on effecting meaningful change.