GovInsider’s interactive Digital Government map now live

By Yogesh Hirdaramani

As a leading voice for public sector innovation, GovInsider is launching an interactive digital government directory to map digital government organisations globally.

GovInsider's new digital government directory plots innovative digital government units globally. Image: GovInsider

From central digitalisation units to decentralised digital transformation spanning federal, state, and local governments, public sector digital transformation initiatives have become ubiquitous around the world. 


As a leading voice covering public sector innovation, GovInsider has launched a digital government directory (DigiGov) that maps key digital government organisations around the world. The directory spotlights key agencies, non-governmental players, and other voices driving digital government initiatives around the world.


Users can click through the interactive map to find stories on various digital transformation initiatives around the world, searchable by agency and country, and get a quick overview of who’s who, what’s happening, and what’s coming up next.


Digital Government Spotlight series


As part of this initiative, we will be releasing a series of stories spotlighting innovative digital government units. These stories showcase key principles, technologies, and approaches that these governments have taken in their digital transformation.


To get things started, we are releasing four stories on:

  1. Cabo Verde’s Nucleo Operacional da Sociedade de Informacao (NOSi), which aims to digitalise at least 60 per cent of the country’s vital services by 2026
  2. How Bangladesh’s a2i programme will soon become the country’s flagship ICT innovation agency, after years of success as a digital government programme
  3. How Lithuania’s GovTech Lab Lithuania creates a GovTech ecosystem by matching public sector challenges with SMEs and startups
  4. Estonia’s Information System Authority’s drive to create government services that are proactive, personalised, and AI-augmented

Practitioners, academics, civil society actors, and thought leaders need to be able to connect with one another and find each other – and we believe this resource will help. 


As of now, the map spotlights 55 digital government units in 55 countries. It is by no means comprehensive and we aim to continue growing this map with new agencies, projects, and units to highlight.


We aim to partner with you, the GovInsider community, to grow this map from a snapshot of the digital government landscape to a thriving and living community resource. 


Who else needs a microphone? What projects should we feature? Which organisations should be on this map? If you are interested in joining our directory, reach out to or