GovTech to set up six specialist units

Apps, sensors, data and security under one roof.

The GovTech agency in Singapore will set up six new units, each focusing on a key technology, it announced today. The specialist units will look at: app development, Internet of Things and sensors, data science, geospatial, cybersecurity and infrastructure. The units will also serve as “capability centres” to build new skills in Singapore’s public service. “GovTech will be one of the organisations that will be central to the rebuilding of government engineering capabilities within the ICT and smart systems space,“ said Jacqueline Poh, CEO-designate of GovTech, today. The agency will develop “technical specialist skills”, it said, particularly in data science, software engineering and cybersecurity, but also for sensors and the Internet of Things. The agency will have a total of 1,800 staff when it is officially formed later this year. Image by Maurizio Pesce, licensed under CC BY 2.0