#HealthHeroes: Dr Jade Kua, Life Coach & Senior Consultant, Woodlands Health Campus

By Yun Xuan Poon and Joy Lim


Illustrations by Joy Lim

Dr Jade Kua is a Senior Consultant at Woodlands Health Campus, and serves on the frontlines of the pandemic. She was previously a senior pediatric emergency specialist at a public hospital in Singapore. She shares three learnings from these highly stressful times.

First, journaling has been a big help. “I journal a lot to put my thoughts down. With the written word, I set an intention that I hold myself accountable for,” she explains.

Second, don’t take the little things for granted. “Even the freedom to dine out in a party of five, is something I celebrate,” she says.

Third, never give up hope. “I have always held on to hope, especially in the deepest, darkest days, and I remain hopeful we’ll navigate our way out of this as a community.”

When she isn’t treating patients, Dr Kua guides people towards their personal goals as a life coach. She launched Jade Life and Wellness earlier this year. “As a coach, I am a catalyst for change,” she notes.

Dr Kua also teaches basic CPR skills to the public through the Dispatcher-Assisted First Responder (DARE) programme, which teaches primary and secondary school students how to save lives. She has also released simple how-tos and FAQ videos on her YouTube channel to raise awareness.