This primary school replaced textbooks with tablets

Helped track student progress.

A Hong Kong primary school is adopting an e-learning environment by providing students and teachers with tablets . Their aim is to seamlessly integrate learning and teaching practices with technology, as well as to provide a quality interactive teaching and learning environment. This tablet movement is called the e-schoolbag project. Each tablet is installed with published teaching materials, which allow students to finish in-class exercises, online group discussions and homework. Teachers will also be able to use computers with the same operating system and interact with the students’ tablets, observing students homework and helping with student assessment all on one device. The e-schoolbag project aims to:
  • Increase interaction to cultivate students interest in learning
  • Let students acquire more knowledge by making good use of the Internet and building their own field of knowledge
  • Enhance the effectiveness of each lesson by making full use of the time allocated
  • Create a dual user experience between student and teacher with a single device
  • Enhance and keep track of student learning progress
“Nowadays students are in constant connection with state-of-art technology. They are proactive in acquiring knowledge while traditional teaching methods fail to meet the needs of students today. There is room for improvement in exploring student’s potential” , said Shirley Duthie, Principle of The Hong Kong Institute of Education Jockey Club Primary School Download this report from Microsoft if you would like to know more about e-learning.