Hospital Roundup: Dr. Dilshaad Ali Abas, FV Hospital, Vietnam

By Medha Basu

Opening more clinics is FV Hospital’s priority for 2016.

FV Hospital is a 220-bed tertiary care facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with nearly 1,000 staff. It is the country’s only internationally accredited hospital.

Dr Dilshaad Ali Abas, Project Development Executive at FV Hospital, tells GovInsider about the hospital’s priorities for next year and the technologies he is most interested in.

What are your biggest achievements in 2015?

FV Hospital has reached a point of time in which the brand and care model have become synonymous with excellent outcomes and experiences. We are therefore now in the midst of extending the value to our patients by becoming a regional healthcare network.

What are your key priorities for next year?

Next year, we are expanding our clinical capabilities at the hospital by rolling out dedicated Centres of Excellence and increasing our footprint in Vietnam by establishing a network of Multidisciplinary Clinics.

What impact have digital patient records had on the hospital?

We have a comprehensive digital medical records system. Digital records have helped:
  • Improve reliability and accuracy in medical documentation
  • Increase efficiency and reduces access time to medical records
  • Improve accessibility to medical documentation at point of care
How have cloud technologies helped better manage the hospital?

We have not embarked on cloud data solutions.

In which area do sensors and robotics have the most potential?

They have potential in surgical procedures, interventional radiology and cardiology, patient safety and security (using RFID technology) and oncology.

What technologies, tools or techniques are you most interested in for the next 6 months, and why?

I am interested in:
  • Linear Accelerator for cutting edge capability in cancer treatments
  • Interventional liver therapies for cancer using TACE to reduce morbidities and prolonged hospital stays. It also improves the accuracy of the treatment.