Hospital Roundup: Dr. Roswin Rosnim Djaafar, Awal Bros Hospital Pekanbaru, Indonesia

By Medha Basu

Adapting to the government’s new universal health scheme is our biggest achievement, says Dr Djaafar.

Awal Bros Hospital Group operates a network of 12 hospitals and clinics across Indonesia. GovInsider caught up with Dr Roswin Rosnim Djaafar, Director of Awal Bros Hospital in Pekanbaru city, Indonesia.

What are your biggest achievements in 2015?

Our biggest achievement this year has been adapting to the universal coverage programme that has been implemented by the government. We have finally been able to change our mindset from fee for services into a prospective reimbursement system, where hospitals are paid based on pre-determined prices.

What are your key priorities for next year?

Our key priorities for next year are digital medical records, networking and preparing for opportunities from the ASEAN Economic Community.

To what extent has your hospital adopted digital patient records?

We have partially-digital medical records that includes prescription, lab results, radiology PACS. We are trying to expand it by next year and trying to have an interactive system to connect with the community.

What impact have digital patient records had on the hospital?

The impact is yet to be measured. But with fewer incidents and human errors, and a better system of reporting, it is a great start for us.

How have cloud technologies helped better manage the hospital?

Cloud technology will definitely have an integral part in our system, but as of now we are still developing some applications that use the cloud system.

In which areas do sensors and robotics have the most potential?

They have potential in data processing systems, how we measure things, better diagnostic systems, and entirely mobile platform for monitoring. The possibilities are endless.

What technologies, tools or techniques are you most interested in for the next 6 months, and why?

Wearable gadgets is my first thought.