How can policy-makers build data skills?

Crucial for government officials to be data-savvy.

Singapore plans to train 10,000 officials with digital and data skills, it has announced. More broadly, it will be crucial for all officials to be data-savvy. An e-book by Tableau discusses how organisations can enable and train every knowledge workers with self-service data analytics skills to solve business problems, spot efficiencies and seize new opportunities. The e-book advises that officials start simple and use the data they work with daily to analyse, play with and visualise. A platform that is intuitive and easy to use will mean that officials can start right away without having to learn programming skills. It is also crucial to share data with governance across the organisation. Officials should be encouraged to ask questions of the data and develop a much deeper understand of their citizens’ needs. If you would like to know more from Tableau, download the full e-book by filling in the form below.