How can polytechnics be more agile?

New report shows how the education sector can keep up with rapid changes.

Education institutes must be agile to keep up with students’ needs. Students rapidly pick up new technologies, and polytechnics and universities have to be quick to adapt. A new report by Fuji Xerox and GovInsider shows what areas institutes must focus on to be more agile. The education sector needs to be even more agile than businesses at times because of the young population they serve, Fuji Xerox has found. Polytechnics and universities must publish information quickly and make sure it’s always up to date. But even as institutes move to digital education, there is no lack of paper in classrooms. Students often prefer to print, and institutes must have the ability to cater to either preference. Equally, they have to keep track of emerging trends in tech. Younger generations are often the first ones to try out new technologies. Institutes must be be able to adapt quickly to such new ways of learning. Download the full report to learn how education institutes can be more agile. [download_form list_id="a9b3cc697a"]