How can schools cut costs of using technology?

Schools can change the way they procure technology to save more money.

Public schools in St. Lucie County in Florida, US, have cut their technology costs by US$1.2 million. A case study by Microsoft shows how they achieved this. The schools serve a 40,000 students from kindergarten to high school across 42 schools in the district. They employed over 4,000 teachers and staff, but budgets have been cut after the 2008 economic crisis. The schools needed to help their staff be more productive, while cutting costs for delivering services. It decided to change the way it procures technology, choosing a more flexible licensing scheme for its technology products and services. Instead of licensing 18,000 devices, it now licenses just enough devices for 4,000 users and can save money for other improvements. The schools can also choose from a suite of software for collaboration, security, communications, desktop management and more. All of these are available through a single agreement, and the schools don’t have to spend time dealing with a number of different vendors. If you would like to learn more from Microsoft, fill in the below form and download the full case study.