How can Singapore ministries better manage their budgets?

By Tableau

As ministries face budget cap cuts, here is how they can respond.

With the downward trend expected in ministerial budgets across the Singapore Government, officials must be smart with how they spend their money.

Data analytics can help them track project outcomes and spending closely on real-time. This will allow them to focus limited resources on programmes that will deliver the most impact.

Government officials are invited to a hands-on experience session on 9 March in Singapore hosted by Tableau, a leading global visual analytics company.

Whether you are considering the impact of an existing project or looking to start a new one, this event is designed to help you make those decisions more precisely with analytics on the go.

It will also discuss how you can share analytics across your agency in a way that is easy for everyone to see and understand.

If you are interested to attend, please fill in your details here today to find out more.