How can teaching be tailored for students with disabilities?

Digital tools have helped students with hearing loss overcome their biggest challenge.

Students with disabilities need more than academic support. They need to build up confidence and learn to be independent, but their teachers and parents need to be around to quickly support them when required. The Al Amal School in the UAE specialises in teaching children with hearing loss. It follows a curriculum developed by the Ministry of Education, but supplements this with technology from Microsoft to improve engagement in classrooms. As part of a country-wide smart learning programme, every student and teacher in the school now uses cloud-based tools to communicate, create and access learning material. Teachers used these to turn their presentation slides into interactive classroom lessons with sign language videos, and students can access all of this online at a later time. A digital notebook app, in particular, has helped the school tackle its biggest challenge - improving communications between teachers, students and parents. With the app, teachers can leave video feedback on assignments and tests, and students and parents can ask questions to the teachers. If you would like to learn more about this from Microsoft, download the full case study below. Image by BigBrotherMouse - CC BY-SA 4.0