How can the Philippines secure government data?

New guide explains the latest techniques for cyber security in government.

Hackers have been targeting specific government agencies in Southeast Asia for at least the last seven years. The attackers changes their targets based on geopolitical factors, looking to steal sensitive intellectual property from government, defence and telecommunications. How can governments in the region be prepared for such targeted attacks? Microsoft has released an insider’s guide to cyber security for government. Agencies can work with cloud providers to implement more advanced defences than they are able to on their own, the report explains. Cloud systems offer greater agility to security, lower costs and regular updates for systems. They also ensure that agencies constantly comply with complex security rules. Security staff can get real-time alerts when sensitive data is moved, and all officials can be educated on security through notifications across platforms, like messages, documents and desktops. If you would like to learn more about key cyber security steps, download the full report by Microsoft.