How data helped Singapore win an Olympics Gold

A new GovInsider-Tableau feature shows how to build a cross-agency analytics platform.

75 milliseconds - that’s all that determined Singapore’s first Olympic Gold at Rio last year. Behind the scenes were government data analysts helping athletes prepare to reach the finish line. GovInsider and Tableau have created an insight feature sharing how the Sport Singapore agency used data analytics. Like in sports, the success or failure of a public service can be decided in seconds - whether a patient makes it through an operation; a child makes it out of a burning building; or an employee files their taxes in time. The feature shows how officials used predictive and visual analytics to prepare for future scenarios and improve communications between staff. It shares how real-time analytics helped senior management officials in Singapore keep an eye on performance 15,000 kilometres away in Rio. If you would like to learn more about this from Tableau, download the full report by filling in your details below.