How did City of Ryde modernise feedback processes?

A case study shows what steps to take for better public engagement.

A city in the suburbs of Sydney has taken a bold step, making it easier for citizens to give feedback to the council. The City of Ryde used its website revamp as an opportunity to improve citizen feedback tools. A case study by OpenCities shows the steps they took to make feedback more modern. The city is involving residents right from the start with details of proposed projects and policies displayed on their website. Residents are often only interested in what affects them most. They can now quickly find proposed projects in their neighbourhood. They can also track the progress of these projects. The website allows officials to choose the level of engagement they would like for each project - from an open online forum to one-way written communications. Download the full case study by OpenCities to find out more: [download_form list_id="1a61a6704a"]