How Dubai boosted citizen engagement productivity

City’s health agency gets quicker access to citizen records.

Dubai’s health agency has cut time and costs to engage with its citizens by managing records better and automating processes. A case study by Microsoft shows how the Dubai Health Authority improved its productivity. One of the key roles of the agency is to educate citizens about important health issues. It also has a dedicated customer service department to provide insights into case histories and patient information. The agency used a records management system to automate processes across both these areas. This has reduced the time taken by marketing and customer service officials to access information. It now takes seconds, rather than months, to generate reports, and analyse information on citizens’ health background. “We can now archive all requests from different departments; making it easier to pull up important statistics and reports. Our processes are now much more efficient: with lower costs, less time and less stress,” the agency’s CIO said. If you would like to hear more from Microsoft on this case study, please fill in your details below.