How Estonia delivers reliable digital services

New research published by the Estonian Government CIO on digital delivery.

“Estonians can do everything online, apart from getting married,” says Taavi Kotka, Estonian Government CIO. Important state registries, like land registers, are only available online within no paper backups or copies. Digital systems are built to withstand natural disasters, wars and cyber attacks. How does Estonia make sure that these are reliable? The Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications, together with Microsoft, has published a joint report on how cloud computing can make government digital services more resilient. “Our business sector, civic sphere, and citizens’ private lives are all intertwined with, and reliant upon, our e-services and systems,” Kotka says. Digital continuity policies need to be iterated as technologies evolve, the report says. “Governments should establish a prioritised list of services that must maintain digital continuity in all circumstances,” it recommends. If you would like to know more about Estonia’s experience and its key findings, download the full report below.