How governments can secure their cloud-first approach

By FireEye

A report reveals cyber security predictions for 2019 and beyond.

Attacks on cloud platforms will continue and evolve in 2019, leading American cyber security company FireEye has advised in a new report. This comes as governments across Asia work to implement cloud-first policies in federal and local governments.

The biggest area of weakness in cloud security is emails, says FireEye’s Chief Technology Officer for Cloud, particularly through phishing - where data is stolen by hackers posing as a trusted person or organisation. “That’s the number one way that attackers are coming through, and we don’t expect that to change in 2019,” he writes in the report.

There are two key things organisations must do. One is to have visibility over what is going in in the cloud, and setup a security operations to respond when something happens.

Another is to automate certain easier security checks, like managing vulnerabilities and firewalls, so that the security operations centre can focus on finding and responding to unusual activities.

The company has been working with governments around the world to help them cope with state-sponsored attacks on infrastructure.

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