How HUAWEI CLOUD will Accelerate Digitalisation for Singapore SMEs with AI

By Huawei

Join the Year-End Sales Carnival on HUAWEI CLOUD.

Digital transformation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is accelerating worldwide. Currently, there are about 220,000 small medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore. Of these, only two-thirds of businesses have survived for more than two years and less than half have made it beyond the five-year mark. SMEs are constantly challenged with liquidity constraints, operational efficiency, minimising cost and are competing with the technological prowess of larger corporations. Given the technological disruptions in the advent of 5G and AI, the SMEs need to be more efficiency and technologically savvy to adapt and grow.

So how can SMEs benefit from cloud computing?

O&M cost savings: In-house specialists will no longer be required to install or update software, manage servers or perform backups. The operation and management functions can be fully operated by cloud providers.

Application consolidation: Potential to consolidate separate application needs into one cloud computing service.

Efficient development: Huawei DevCloud provides a one-stop cloud R&D platform that includes project management, test management, code hosting, code checking, compilation & building, deployment, release warehouse, and pipeline functions. DevCloud allows SMEs to focus on the important application aspects that will bring value to the company and clients.

Maximise resource utilisation: Huawei’s IaaS platform provides flexible computing resources that are scalable in accordance to SMEs’ needs to maximise utilisation of digital resources.

Access to latest AI technologies: Investing in high performance computers is not a priority as Huawei Cloud AI allows SMEs to capitalise on shared resources, where companies will only be billed based on resources used.

In addition to being scalable and cost-effective, cloud computing also supports the availability of data and services on demand. With Huawei Cloud, SMEs will have access to 140 industry solutions across all sectors.

To help more SMEs benefit from cutting-edge, cloud-based technologies, HUAWEI CLOUD, a global player in cloud and AI, will be launching its Year-End Sales Carnival, from November 5 to December 10, 2020.

During this event, HUAWEI CLOUD will be offering SME customers discounts on some of its hottest cloud services, covering cloud server, database, network, cloud storage, security, and AI. At the same time, SMEs can also get discounts on SaaS services from HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace, including enterprise website templates and enterprise applications, such as ERP and OA from HUAWEI CLOUD partners.

What to Expect from HUAWEI CLOUD Year-End Sales Carnival

Special Offer 1: Up to 80% Off 8 Hot Cloud Services
HUAWEI CLOUD offers discounts on 8 hot cloud services, including cloud servers, cloud disks, elastic IP address (EIP), object storage, relational and document databases, host security service, and CDN.

Special Offer 2: A Package of Coupons worth $1,000 for Hot Cloud Services
You will be able to use the coupons while purchasing cloud servers, databases, security, network, and Enterprise Intelligence (EI) services.

Special Offer 3: New User Package from $1 USD
During the carnival, new users can buy 1C1G cloud servers at just $1. Other options include 1C2G, 2C4G, and 2C8G cloud servers, available at $6/month only. Supplies are limited. 300 such cloud servers will be made available. This offer is limited to one per customer.

Special Offer 4: Go China and Go Global Enterprise Privileges - a $200 USD Coupon
Companies that plan to go global, or International companies that plan to enter the Chinese market can claim coupons worth US$200.

Special Offer 5: Dedicated Support Program for Small and Medium IT Service Providers
HUAWEI CLOUD has launched a dedicated program called "Blossom Program" to support small and medium-sized IT service providers. Eligible companies will enjoy a 40% discount on cloud servers during their first year, plus free training, and joint marketing opportunities.


HUAWEI CLOUD provides customers with reliable, secure, and continuously evolving cloud services and solutions by leveraging Huawei's more than 30 years of expertise in ICT. HUAWEI CLOUD also transfers this expertise, embodied in extensive best practices, to local partners and enterprise customers through training, technical communication, or joint projects, helping partners and customers alike grow and succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape.

HUAWEI CLOUD operates 23 data centers around the world. As the first cloud service provider in China to earn the NIST CSF certification, HUAWEI CLOUD offers 24/7 services with quick response to customer needs.

Come and join us for the Year-End Sales Carnival on HUAWEI CLOUD. We may have the solution that you need to power take your business to the next level.