How Microsoft manages $158 billion with analytics

By Microsoft

Lessons on using real-time analytics for finance professionals.

Microsoft’s Treasury makes decisions everyday that affect $158 billion worth of assets. The team relies heavily on real-time data and analytics to ensure it makes the best decisions.

A webinar on 21 April will share their experience and best practices for using data insights to improve finance.

For instance, the team uses a dashboard built with government data to understand consumer spending trends in the US and where the economy is heading.

This not only shows what is happening in the economy, but also why it’s happening. The team found that switching from Excel spreadsheets to business intelligence tools enabled it to get instantaneous insights.

The webinar will be hosted by George Zinn, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President and Treasurer. It will begin at 9:00 AM (GMT+8) on 21 April and is open for free to all heads of treasuries, CFOs and senior finance officials.

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