How to attract millennials to the civil service

Governments must be tech-savvy, innovative and collaborative.

Millennials are the future of civil service, and governments are looking for ways to attract the best young talent to public service. A new report for Fuji Xerox by GovInsider shows how digital technology and IT make government more attractive to the new workforce. It can provide a more flexible way to work, and allow more regular feedback and engagement with their team members. In particular, SharePoint is one such tool - a kind of social network but with much greater control over what you share and who gets access. “If you want to attract them as employees and get them engaged, you need to get the message out that your organization is technologically savvy, innovative and collaborative,” says Richard Ong, Head of Solutions and Services Group, Fuji Xerox Singapore. To find out more about how governments can attract millennials, download the full report below: [download_form list_id="f9db861e84"]