How to boost citizen engagement with data

The GovInsider-Tableau guide to data analytics in governments.

There’s a story behind every dataset, and visualisations help bring those stories to life. Visual analytics can help governments engage with citizens in policymaking and communicate complex national issues to the public. “This is a case of government taking a large data set and making it much more intelligible and useful for average people like you and I, who aren’t data scientists,” says Ben Jones, Director of Outreach Programmes at Tableau, in a new guide for government officials. The report by Tableau and GovInsider provides steps for government officials to create interactive visualisations clearly, effectively and accurately. It advises how datasets can be used to get people to ask new and different questions. It shares practical steps on how to improve your visualisations and stories, like picking the right colours and annotating trends. If you would like to learn more about creating data visualisations, download the full guide today.