How to deliver personalised medicine with analytics

By Informatica

Here's how a medical centre in the US is gearing up for the future of healthcare.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre in the US is using analytics to develop personalised medicine for its patients.

A “comprehensive analytics approach will enable us to treat each patient in a personalised way to produce the best possible results”, Steven Shapiro, the centre’s Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, says in a case study.

The centre has built an analytics system pulling together genomic, clinical, financial, administrative and other data to craft personalised medicine therapies.

The platform, built with data management company Informatica, links together a diverse range of sources, including systems for hospital admissions, electronic health records, patient claims and external registries.

The case study by Informatica discusses the centre’s strategy for personalised medicine and goes behind the scenes of its predictive analytics platform to provide key lessons.

If you would like to learn more about this story from Informatica, download the full case study below.