Huawei launches partnership programme to drive sustainable digital growth

By Huawei

At the Huawei Partner Summit 2023, the ICT giant reaffirmed its mission to “Grow Together, Unleash Digital” with more than 500 partners to drive the sustainable digital transformation of Singapore.

At the Huawei Partner Summit 2023, the ICT provider announced the development of new products and solutions that support the digitalisation of SMEs, as well as a new distribution brand and system. Image: Huawei

At the Huawei Partner Summit 2023, ICT provider Huawei shared its vision to support the city-state’s sustainable digital transformation. The event, which took place on 9 June in Singapore, saw Huawei’s executives and leading industry leaders gathered to discuss digitalisation efforts in tandem with sustainability goals.

During the event, Huawei reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the growth and success of its partners amidst the challenges ahead. Huawei also launched its 2023 go-to-market strategy in Singapore market with a focus on three major markets: Strategic Accounts, Commercial, and Distribution Business. These markets will each have their own product solution family, training and support services strategy that cater to the digitalisation needs of businesses of all sizes.

“We will continue to invest in our partnerships, foster a culture of collaboration, and provide the necessary tools and resources for your growth”, said Foo Fang Yong, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei International.

Digitalising SMEs with sustainability at the forefront

Specifically, the ICT provider is looking to address the digitalisation and decarbonisation pain points faced by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). They are doing so through avenues such as innovation labs, trainings and discovery workshops that leverage Huawei’s solutions in smart ICT infrastructure, Cloud AI capabilities and green energy Digital Power deployment.

At the Summit, the ICT giant unveiled the development of 60 new cost-effective products and 40 scenario-specific solutions to support the digitalisation of SMEs. These solutions are specifically designed to be energy efficient, easy to install, user-friendly, self-optimised, and cyber secure to address technical barriers such as the lack of human resources and knowledge capabilities. A few examples of these innovations include the SD-WAN based Smart Campus Solution, xGbps Fiber to the room (FTTR) solution, Ransomware Protection IT system, as well as a family of Cloud solution offerings.

For example, Huawei's SD-WAN based Smart Campus Solution is designed to optimise and enhance network connectivity and management across multiple locations. It helps to facilitate seamless connectivity between headquarters, remote branches, and across multiple cloud platforms, allowing SMEs to become more efficient in their operations and maintenance when scaling up for digital transformation.

Other solutions showcased at the summit include the xGbps Fiber to the room solution as well as ransomware protection IT system.

Huawei also launched a new distribution brand and system, the Huawei eKit – a one-stop platform aimed at accelerating the digital transformation of SMEs. The eKit integrates Huawei’s products, solutions, services, and digital toolkits that are easy to install and require low maintenance costs.

Huawei’s executives at the event shared that SMEs struggle with attracting and retaining digital talent. For these SMEs, having access to technologies that do not require extensive dedicated teams to manage becomes very valuable.

The Huawei eKit emerges as a viable solution, offering SMEs access to Huawei’s technological expertise and a comprehensive portfolio of solutions. This will allow SMEs to overcome their digital talent shortage and navigate the complex technological landscape to scale up digitalisation efforts.

Partnership programme to drive market development for SMEs

Huawei announced the launch of the Huawei Singapore Partners Alliance programme with 23 focus partners aimed at driving market development for SMEs. The programme highlights Huawei’s efforts to incorporate sustainability into digital business strategies.

“The Partners Alliance programme is a collective eco-partners initiative where Huawei and its partners come together to collaborate, exchange ideas, and drive innovation to better grow the digitalisation market for SMEs”, explained Peter Du, Managing Director of Huawei Enterprise Singapore.

Du shared that the programme will serve as a platform where partners can share and learn the latest best practices from Huawei which will enhance the competitiveness of Singapore’s small and medium industries.

A Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony was also held as part of the event, with 34 awards given out to select Huawei partners for their contribution in areas such as sustainability and public security.