Indonesia and China to cooperate on cyber security

Cyber war simulations to train officials.

Indonesia and China will hold joint cyber security operations to better prepare their officials. Officials from China’s Cyberspace Administration and Indonesia last month had a pre-agreement meeting, said Muchlis Ahmady, Expert Staff of Indonesia's National Cyber Information Defence Security and Resilient Agency, according to Antara News. “The keys of success in handling a crisis in cyberspace are coordination and sharing,” Ahmady told Antara News. The two countries will cooperate in four areas for capacity building, he said. They will hold joint operations on cyber war simulations, response to and mitigation of cyber attacks, cyber monitoring, crisis management and restoring data centres. Second, they will jointly research on cryptography, cyber law, cyber terrorism, and counter cyber intelligence. They will also discuss techniques in digital forensics, information security, network security and big data analysis. Fourth, the two will discuss communication and information technology strategies, including building awareness on cyber security, and developing national infrastructure. Correction: This article incorrectly published that Indonesia and China will hold joint cyber war games. It has been edited to accurately reflect the cooperation. Image by highwaysagency; licensed under CC BY 2.0