How to make sense of data in real-time

Intelligent streams of data can help speed up decision-making.

Think of all the data coming in from the various sensors and machines that surround us. Clickstreams from web servers, application and infrastructure log data, geo-location data, sensor data - all of which can be used to help your agency make timely and accurate decisions. However, data waits for no one. The continuous flow of messages and events will accumulate, and fast. Agencies can only derive value from data if they gather and analyse it immediately and at scale. This technology brief from Informatica shares how to make data streams work for your agency. Intelligent Streaming collects, transforms and joins data from a variety of sources to help your agency run as optimally as possible. Some benefits include: ● Preparing and processing data streams for your agency ● Uncovering insights that can support informed decision-making ● Scaling out horizontally and vertically to handle petabytes of data ● Improved productivity through the automatic generation and processing of data streams If you would like to learn more about this from Informatica, download the full brief by filling in the form below. Image by Sebastian SikoraCC BY 2.0