Jakarta introduces online fine payments to cut bribes

Move to stamp out bribery and informal agents.

Drivers in Jakarta can now pay traffic fines online with the launch of a new service by the city this week. The service is a step to cut bribes to policemen and the use of informal agents called “calo” to pay fines. "The issue of brokers, the uncertainty of the time for [court] trials and having to queue for hours are problems faced by traffic law violators," said Sudung Situmorang, Jakarta Prosecutors’ Office chief, according to Detik. Traffic violators can pay their fines by filling in a form with their ticket details. They will be given the exact amount of fine they must pay, and can make the payment directly to the given bank accounts. Confiscated documents can be collected at the local prosecutor’s office once the fine has been paid. “The aim is to create a more transparent non-tax revenue system and process it more efficiently,” he said. The service was piloted in West Jakarta in January, and is now being expanded to the whole city. Image by Farhan Perdana (Blek), licensed under CC BY 2.0