Jakarta launches app to monitor grocery prices

App to prevent suppliers from manipulating prices.

Jakarta has launched a new app for residents to find the best grocery prices in the city. The Infopangan Jakarta app (meaning ‘Food Info Jakarta’) lets citizens compare food prices across markets so they can decide where to shop, said Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja. “I would also like citizens to interact with this application, so they can get info out of them. For example, what were the prices of chilli yesterday and why have the prices gone up?” he said. The app shows prices of rice, fruits, vegetables, meat and fish across 12 government-run markets in the city. It also shows the average price of these goods in Jakarta as a whole. The app can prevent traders from manipulating food prices, Governor Basuki added, because citizens can now check the latest prices directly from the government.

Warga Jakarta kini dapat mengetahui harga-harga sembako yang ada di pasar-pasar melalui aplikasi Info Pangan Jakarta....

Posted by Jakarta Smart City on Sunday, March 20, 2016
The app was built by the Bank Indonesia and Pasar Jaya, a city-owned that runs the public markets. Image by ybs, licensed under CC BY 2.0