Jakarta launches app to report its own cops

By GovInsider

Users’ identity to be kept secret.

Police in West Jakarta have launched an app for citizens to leave tip-offs on corrupt officers.

Users have been asked to help identify corrupt officers, including who was involved, what they did, and how and where an incident happened. They can also attach documents with any evidence. Although the app asks for an email at registration, the user’s identity will remain confidential, the police said on its website.

They suggest reporters use email addresses that do not give away their identities, such as those without their full names.

The reports, however, will be handled by the police, and not handed over to the country’s Corruption Eradication Commission, Jakarta’s Police Chief, Tito Karnavian said.  

The app called “Whistle Blower System” is available on Android phones. A web version is also available at wbspoljakbar.info.

Few such apps exist in the region, certainly not ones by governments themselves. An exception is China’s anti-corruption agency, which launched an app last year for people to anonymously upload photos and other evidence of corruption.

The Chinese app is meant to target officials misusing public funds for lavish personal benefits, like expensive weddings, holidays in China or abroad, eating and drinking.