Jakarta rolls out smart street lights

Officials to get alerts when light is damaged.

Jakarta will install smart street lights across the city that will automatically warn officers if they are broken. “The advantage of this system based smart lamp lights condition can be monitored automatically,” said Syamsul Bahri, Head of the Lighting, Industry and Energy Agency. “If there is any damage will be immediately visible in the system by officers, so it is more cost-effective." The city will this year install 89,414 LED lamps that will connect to the new smart street lights system. Officials will also be able to track how much energy is used in total and by each lamp. The system will be integrated with Jakarta’s Smart City centre so it can be centrally monitored. "It is expected that the installation of the lamps will reduce people’s vulnerability at night ", Bahri added. Citizens have reported at least 169 damaged street lights to the government through its complaints app, and the locations of these correlate with crime reported through the same app. Image by Aryoso Putranto, licensed under CC BY 2.0