Jakarta’s one-stop shops want zero complaints

Decline in number of complaints over last four months.

Jakarta’s government service centres are aiming to have zero complaints from residents by the end of this year. “We are targeting zero complaints,” said Edi Junaedi, head of the One-Stop Integrated Service Agency. The number of complaints have been decreasing over the last four months, he added. “We received 218 complaints in June, 165 in July, 102 in August and only 83 in September.” Corruption is widespread at government service centres, according to Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama said. “If you don’t bribe them [officials], they are very slow, and you don’t know when everything is accomplished,” he said at a conference earlier this year. The city has placed CCTV cameras in the service centres to monitor staff’s performance, and plans to analyse the CCTV feeds from next year. Citizens can also rate the service digitally, and this system will be extended to all service centres, the Governor said. The government calculates its own rating for each service centre based on the number of permits issued and the quality of service provided. The top performing centres account for 5% of the 518 service centres. 20% of the centres are rated as poor, and 50% as average.